Hosted PBX in Fresno, CA

call-centre-371608-mRegardless the size of your business or organization, Hosted PBX Solutions from Citel allows you to make the most of your daily operations. Your business will enjoy a fully managed voice solution that will save you money and time.

Citel’s Hosted PBX is a business telephone system that will give your business all that it requires to become efficient. We take care of your VoIP maintenance, equipment, installation, support and upgrades under a single platform. We provide a push-button  solution, that doesn’t require a large budget for the Hosted PBX. It’s the latest and most cost-effective solution for organizations that want to change their outdated legacy equipment or organizations opening new office destinations.


Innovative Features

Features allow all users to be connected with one another. This package includes Video and Audio Conferencing, Call Recording, Web Collaboration, Call Centers Advanced Call Reporting. Let our experts at Citel set up a tailor-made solution with cutting edge features that will enable your company to communicate effectively from every aspect.


Transforming your Smartphone into a completely serviceable office telephone is essential for today’s business. We provide the features you need to connect your office telephone services to your cell phone while charging your office line, to minimize your expenses. Find Me/Follow Me and the freedom to share your number as well as services on several devices are the major benefits of mobile integration.




Streamlined: Provides an easy system that can produce voice, multimedia as well as internet services.

Lower Rates: Transform CapEx into OpEx using our managed telephone system. We handle both installation and maintenance so you get more value without spending twice as much.

Voice Prioritization: With our broadband network we put voice as our first priority, making sure that both incoming and out-going calls are clear and consistent at all times.

Guaranteed Quality of Service: Our privately acquired and well maintained nationwide IP network is developed for secure voice distribution.

Seamless Multi-Location Incorporation: With our cloud-based system, our Hosted PBX services accommodate various locations, home offices, and mobile equipment.

Toll Fraud Security: By evaluating your voice traffic in actual time on a regular basis we can alert you or take immediate action if any abnormal or unnecessary calling patterns take place.