Mobile VoIP & Mobile Office Solutions in Fresno

BYOD, the Smart Solution for Modern Business

Your staff will appreciate their work life being as flexible and consistent as their way of life. Employees can look forward to having a personalized experience. Mobile VoIP solutions allow employees on the go to access company data, the entire office system and collaboration tools straight from their own mobile phone or handheld devices.

Unified Communications Solutions for Fresno Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you operate a small business or a major corporation, Citel can help you. We will design and implement a flexible plan that will make your company more productive, collaborative, and efficient. This will drive revenue opportunities and create an opportunity for growth. Citel’s mobile VoIP delivers measurable results.


How it Works

Our Mobile VoIP solutions combine Citel and partner technologies and services in a flexible way, so your workers are mobile base on their own speed. Each solution is developed based on three of our current plans so you can embrace the entire bundle or use them one by one.

  • BYOD Smart Solution provides secure access to your system on any mobile device. It unites our WLAN, security, and system program technologies. It functions with a mobile device management (MDM) application. It is available on-site or through the cloud.
  • Mobile Collaboration provides effective coordination outside the workplace. Local portable applications enhance our unified communications, texting, the web and video conferencing to any mobile device.
  • Desktop Virtualization allows you to use Windows applications to any gadget. You can perform any task on your virtualized applications and desktops anywhere you are. And it is very secure.