PBX Phone Systems & Solutions in Fresno

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Hosted PBX systems are suitable for business of all sizes in Fresno and beyond. It gives any contractor or employee instant access if they have a connected phone. There are various ways to establish Hosted PBX solutions that will fit your needs.


The earliest forms of PBX were operated manually through a switchboard. Operators would have to switch the incoming calls to the correct line using a small machine called a phone box. The modern industry standard is a completely electronic virtual PBX. Although, there are some of the older key models that are still being used. The largest advantage of PBX over any other telecommunications is the PBX phone system that has various new and updated features.



Virtual PBX Service

Avaya-IP-Office-8-1-equipmentHaving a virtual PBX solution will allow you to have the full service of PBX without all the liability and the cost of owning a private PBX phone system. Many local telecommunication companies will give out business features such as conference calling, automated incoming call greetings, and fax. A Hosted IP-PBX will also include technical support. this means that troubleshooting an issue will not cause problems for your day-to-day business operations. The Hosted IP-PBX also uses a single line that will connect calls from any other line while a cloud PBX routes call through multiple servers.



The compatibility of VoIP will allow you to have unlimited telecommuting staff. There are also large savings on long distance and international calls as well as other service features. Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP has become increasingly popular as a way to give more freedom to telecommunication based jobs. Using a headset, cloud PBX, or single server compatible equipment will translate the user’s voice into binary code. The code is then sent through the lines of a Hosted IP PBX system and then translated back into sound waves in the handset of the other person. This technology was designed to be used with a virtual PBX and will continue to dramatically improve the feature.


Are there drawbacks to using virtual PBX?

Although there are many features that are offered, there are two major drawbacks to having a virtual PBX system. If your telecommunication company doesn’t offer certain features, then you simply cannot add it. There happens to be plenty of room to add lines, but not services. Just like the Cloud PBX system, if the internet connection has been compromised, the company will not have telephone service. This tends to make the traditional PBX phone systems a lot more appealing to people.


SIP is the newest cloud PBX for those who do not want to go the traditional route. Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is an updated form of the standard hosted IP PBX. There are plenty of advantages over any other cloud PBX formats that will allow you to use your personal WiFi ready devices such as PDA’s or laptops in order to communicate with PBX phone systems that are SIP compatible. There are some virtual PBX providers that will allow you to use approved equipment in their networks.