VoIP Phones & Equipment in Fresno

Citel makes selecting the right type of VoIP phones simple. You can choose from over 50 different conference phones, WiFi VoIP phones, and desktop VoIP phones from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Whether you require multiple line appearances, have a tight budget, or need dual Ethernet ports, Citel has the VoIP phone solution that is right for your business.


Our IP phones are all fully warranted, supported by in-house experts, work in conjunction with most of the VoIP phone systems, and are SIP compliant.


Making the Right VoIP Phone System Choice for Your Office in Fresno Texas


Wireless IP Phones

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular, and wireless VoIP phones are a perfect solution for businesses that want to incorporate the latest technology into their workplace. Wireless IP phones allow employees to use the latest communication features and tools from any mobile device.


Video Phones

Video conferencing is the modern way of communicating with suppliers, clients, and colleagues. This technology will help increase efficiency and successful relationships with everyone you work with. Adaptable and affordable video conferencing has a variety of great benefits and should be essential to your business plan.


Conference Phones

Citel offers a large variety of hands-free conferencing solutions that have the latest features. Modern business is no longer restricted by location; often we need to communicate with suppliers and colleagues in offices around the world. It is important that communication is precise and coherent in order for it to be constructive and beneficial.